There are thousands of websites and self-help books out there that are supposed to help you find a job in this challenging economy. Most of them aren’t worth your time or hard-earned money.

What I set out to do with Mighty Forces is bring together what I’ve learned in years of experience as a resume doctor and ad-hoc job coach, and cut through all the clutter with some specific, easy-to-follow advice.

I write about resumes and cover letters, interview strategies, online and offline research – pretty much anything that I think could help you get a job. And that’s the real point, isn’t it?

“This is fantastic Adam. As a former Employment Advisor for a non-profit in Boston (the 100-year-old Women’s Educational and Industrial Union that helped Amelia Earhart find a social work position long before her piloting days), I totally agree with what you’re saying. And then to add in your wonderful writing style to your sound advice. It’s a valuable combination.”

-Kristin Bull-Lyon

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About me

For years, starting in college, I was a sort of ad-hoc resume doctor for my friends and acquaintances. I would look over their resumes and cover letters, edit them, and show my friends how they could make the documents better. I didn’t have any special insight or training in writing resumes – I just knew what would sound good, and how much presentation and careful editing mattered.

By and large, amazingly, people who took my advice got the job they were applying for.

Later, when I had an actual job myself, I continued to help people with resumes and cover letters. I started reading books about job hunting and similar topics, and I saw the materials that came in when people were applying for jobs.

I realized, over these years, that job hunting is a game – a game that’s not fun to play, and one where other people are trying to keep you from learning the rules. It involves a set of skills that aren’t taught in school, and most often have nothing to do with the job you’re actually trying to get.

In the last couple of years the news has been full of stories of competent, qualified people who have been tossed out of long-term jobs. They are spending hours and days and months applying for every job they hear about, with little or no success.

So I thought I would use the internet to gather together my niche knowledge about job hunting, hoping to help people play the game a little better.

-Adam J. Blust

About the images

One of my favorite tech books, and really one of my favorite books of all time, is Philip Greenspun’s “Philip & Alex’s Guide to Web Publishing.” It’s the book that largely inspired my career on the web.

One of the standout aspects of the book is all the gorgeous photography throughout. Not only are the images amazing, but they most often have no connection to the text they are displayed with.

So I decided as an homage to that book, I would fill this site with cool photographs, my own and others’. Sometimes they have a connection to the post, but sometimes not – sometimes, it’s just a cool image that I wanted to share. And who doesn’t like a surprise now and then?